Woodland Walk For Arthog Outreach

Challenge 4 - Shelter Making

Challenge 4 – Shelter Making

On Wednesday, I was working for my good friends at Arthog Outreach taking a group of Year 5′s on a woodland walk to improve their listening and team work skills.

Our venue for the the day was to be Ercal Wood near Wellington which is a great venue to go off exploring and have some fun. Our first challenge of the day was tackle the step slope to the main summit to see the view. One or two struggled with steepness but we all made it to the top where we had a well earned rest.

Challenge 2 - Natural Art

Challenge 2 – Natural Art

Our next challenge was to make a picture using natural materials, we had models of a skier, bus, mountain, tree and a man. After a vote, the man was declared the winner. After a spot of lunch and some hot squash to warm us up and it was off to the third challenge. This challenge was to work as a team to scramble up some rocks and it was good to see the group working as a team to get to the top.

A bit further into the walk it was time to make some natural shelters and then the group had to make a pitch to sell the finished product. I chuckled at one or two of the sales pitches as they tried to convince ‘Scaredy Dave’ to buy their shelters as some of their claims were outrageous! Our final challenge was to make a fire with a fire-steel and it didn’t come as much of a surprise that this was the most popular activity.

A nice out with an excellent group of young people. I just hope some of them don’t go into sales as a career!

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