Dads and Lads Bushcraft Session for Carreg Llwyd Church

One of the 'lads' mixing damper bread

One of the ‘lads’ mixing damper bread

On Sunday, I was running a bushcraft session for Carreg Llwyd Chrurch as part of their ‘Men Only’ weekend, which due to to the weather provided a few additional challenges for the group to overcome.

The outline programme for the session was:

  • Safe Tool Use – the using these new skills to make a tent peg;
  • Shelters – erecting tarps and using the tent pegs made earlier;
  • Fire lighting demonstration – different ways to light a fire;
  • Camp Fire Cooking – Build, light and maintain your fire to cook damper bread;
  • Session Review.

We had 27 ‘lads’ booked in for the session and after quick introductions it as straight into the safe tool talk and making tent pegs, which was enjoyed by all. Next as the rain started to gently fall, it was time to erect and the tarps which the teams did with relative ease and soon they were all huddled inside to shelter from the now very heavy rain / snow that started to fall, which was the perfect backdrop for the fire lighting sessions!

Despite the horrible weather, all groups got their fires going and managed to cook the damper bread and toast the marsh mallows. One or two resourceful souls, even spotted the kelly kettle, worked out how how to use it and made a welcome cup of tea for those that needed it.

I had a great day in the woods and judging by the smiley faces and questions  so did the group and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of them went off to have bushcraft adventures of their own.

To see a more photographs of this event then please click here.

If you would like Acorn Bushcraft to provide this activity for you either at our private woodland or at a location of your choice (provided we have a suitable site), then please take  look at our main site to find out more by clicking here.

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