One day courses

One Day Bushcraft Course

This is one of our most popular courses so if you would like to indulge yourself in a full day of bushcraft this is the course for you. This course is designed to be ‘hands on’ with one of our instructors on hand just in case you need a little help. You will leave the course with lots of new skills but be warned it is very addictive.

After meeting with your instructor, they will take you to the bushcraft site where they will show you how to set up camp and look after yourself outdoors. What we do on these courses is largely up to you and you can opt to study one or two subjects in depth or go for a wider range of subjects. Some of our most popular topics are listed below:

  • Cutting tools and how to use them safely;
  • Woodcraft – carving and making tools;
  • Shelter making;
  • A variety of ways to light a fire without matches;
  • Game preparation;
  • Foraging (plants and their uses);
  • Natural cordage;
  • Knife law; and
  • Damper bread.

These courses are run, on demand, at various locations in Shropshire and we provide all necessary equipment and food.

The cost of the course is £70 per person and we require a minimum of two people for the course to run.

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