Welcome to the Acorn Bushcraft Website

Acorn Bushcraft is a part of Chris Hughes Multi Activity Services Limited (Company Registration Number 5731640) and offers courses for beginners and intermediate bushcrafters in the Shropshire Countryside. Our courses are popular and our past courses have been used by:

  • Aspiring bushcrafters to learn bushcraft and survival skills so they can experience the natural environment in confidence;
  • Walkers or backpackers to better equip them for the wild;
  • Parents who want their children to be confident sleeping out under the stars;
  • Teachers who feel learning survival skills are a essential part of outdoor education;
  • Youth workers to promote a sense of well being, teamwork and self belief for those disengaged with the classroom; and
  • Company Directors who want a fun day out with their staff.

The courses are designed to give hands on practical experience and to let you think things through for yourself whilst being on hand to point you in the right direction when needed.

To find out more about what we do then please take a look at our activities page.